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Update Regarding the “Publishing of the Prophet Mohammad Cartoons at the College of DuPage”

If any of you read the posting below about the "Publishing of the Prophet Mohammad cartoons in the College of DuPage newspaper" I have updates to what happened on Friday when they DID proceed and published the Prophet Mohammad cartoons. With all our efforts (letter to the editor, talks with the Advisory board of the College and Dean, as well as many other attempts, we failed and yes, it was published. In the Friday issue of the Courier in the "FEATURE" section, they featured not just a "couple" of the Prophet cartoons, but "12", yes, "12"!!!!!" of the cartoons. (http://www.cod.edu/courier/05.05.06/FEATURES_05.05.06.pdf I was so upset at the fact that not only did they feature "12" cartoons  but they went on to talk about this for 2-pages. The editor wrote statements such as " We decided to print the cartoons. It was agreed that the story would be trivialized with out them." Ok I mean common, there was no need whatsoever to have to publish the cartoons, and yet all "12" of them. I don’t understand why the newspaper had to go to such an extent, I believe by publishing only "one" of the cartoons many people would understand the extent to these "offensive cartoons". Another statement the editor made was " We spent a great of time examining what other images and texts to use to treat this issue with proper care and respect". I don’t agree at all with that statement as well, if they spent a "great deal of time" on examining what to "use" and "not to use", if they really spent that "great deal of time" they would have came up with the conclusion that it was downright disrespectful (especially at a college with a large Muslim student body) and abandoned the idea.

The biggest point to why I am greatly upset about this whole issue is because the editor went on for "2-pages" that the reason why they wanted to publish these images were for people to "understand the extent of the cartoons", yet, those 2-pages had nothing to do with "why they were so offensive". The editor basically went on for 2-pages to "back-themselves-up" about why they decided to publish the images. They never once explained or stated that "Muslims aren’t terrorists" and they never gave their opinion to say "that the cartoons were offensive and wrong". So now I really wonder "what the damn point was to publish these offensive cartoons".

Honestly now I feel that in next weeks Issue of "The Courier" they owe our Muslim student body a great apology that details discrediting the cartoons. I am highly anticipating their response to all this mess and am awaiting an apology for being so unthoughtful.

To continue with what happened, on Friday morning the newspapers were distributed throughout the entire college campus as well as all the regional centers. To my surprise, I started to hear that the newspapers were starting to "disappear!" No one knows who did it, but the person(s) who did it, made sure to take EVERY SINGLE one of the papers off the campus entirely. I mean what can you do? As my college’s newspaper had the "freedom of speech/press" to publish those cartoons, so did the public to take how many of their "free newspapers" as they wanted, I mean there was no sign saying "TAKE ONLY ONE!" then that would be a totally different story.

Bottom Line: Next time you want to publish something that has caused so much controversy and is offensive, don’t have high expectations of anything good.

* The publishing of the Prophet Mohammad cartoons raised so much controversy that it has been published in both the Daily Herald as well as the Chicago Tribune:


For Chicago Tribune Article (go to www.chicagotribune.com) and under "search" type in "College of DuPage" and then scroll down and click the article "Student paper runs Mohammad cartoons".


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  1. * Omar says:

    Everybody, dont demand an apology. Instead, ask them to print anti-Jewish cartoons. Better yet, ask them to print an article stating how the Holocaust never happened and is just a myth. Really, it didnt happen

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 1 month ago
  2. * Mahaan says:


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  3. * Moe says:

    i think all the Muslim have to be united and work together and come up with something as a Muslim we all believe in Moses and Jesus and respecting all of the gods prophet it not acceptable for u to bring our self down by making a cartoon of mouses any how on the other hand we can’t sit and jut listen we have to come up with something …

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 1 month ago
  4. * Jibs says:

    also demand they fire the editor

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 1 month ago
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